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We strive to make our photography style profoundly resonate with our client’s vision for their day that it simply feels like we were meant to be. Having a deep connection with our clients where they trust in us creates the best environment for us to bring forth our finest work.

We do not succumb to the industry trends and follow our very own candid approach. We feel absolutely honored and emotional to be a part of your intimate celebration and make every effort to capture the best memories of your life.

Our Strong Suits

  • Our photographs are reminiscent and quite- yet they have an IMPACT.

  • We aim for understated elegance as we believe that trends come and go, but weddings are too important to be treated lightly.

  • Our timeless approach helps us in taking photographs that will hold their power in twenty years.

  • Our recognizable photography style has an element of reality along with some amazingly wonderful curated artistry.

  • We pitch in our deepest efforts to make sure that our photography in Ahmedabad is not just unique, but it also matches our client’s vision.

  • We look to establish a strong bond with not only the protagonist but also their near and dear ones as it allows us to provide lasting services all throughout.

  • We pay immense attention to detail; capturing every essential element of the wedding may it be décor, jewelry, attires or anything else.

  • By leveraging best-in-class equipment along with superior backups and lighting solutions for each situation, we place ourselves much ahead of the pack.

We shoot your priceless moments while offering friendly and professional services at cost effective rates. We have a plethora of wedding photography price packages to meet your specific set of requirements.

We shall be pleased to serve you!

So, contact today with our photographers in Ahmedabad and schedule your consultation.

Why Choose Mac Studios?
  • Being the best photo studio in Ahmedabad, my work is a unique blend of modern and traditional. Every time I strive to deliver stunning imagery that flawlessly & captures the story I document. The photographs which you will witness from your big day will be swarming with excitement and emotion.

  • Flexible and dependable, my professionalism and love for photography will shine through my performance along with my capability to bring out the best in every person I photograph.

  • As a commercial photographer, my work is crisp, precise and neat.

  • As a portrait photographer, my work is raw, adventurous, passionate and chock full of emotions.

  • I am always learning and growing. I toil to make my new story much better and interesting than my previous one.

I have different photography packages tailored to meet your specific requirements. To know more about our packages, schedule an appointment today. Iam available at your service 24x 7.

So, go ahead and explore my gallery of photographs only to come across some impeccable photography that speaks a thousand words.

Finest Photographer in Ahmedabad

Tathya Macwan

A scientist by degree and photographer by passion, I, Tathya Macwan, the proud owner of Mac Studios, welcomes you to my website. I had an inherent love for photography from an early age but did not pursue it in a way, until once when I was gifted a Voigtlander Vito B from one of my father’s friends. Photography fascinated me and soon my passion found a platform. Today, I take pride in being one of the most respected professional photographers in Ahmedabad, who travels the world seeking for amazing events and overwhelming clientele. My work includes weddings, new born and kids photography, industrial photography, product photography, advertising photography, celebrities and events. I also go out in the wild for nature, landscape and wildlife photography.

When I decided upon making my passion a career, the first thing I told myself was that I am going to do it my way. And the most significant part about it was crafting lasting relations with my clients. I am not a “do it and forget it” kind of person.
I am excited about learning your story so as to tell it well.

I started my photography company revolving around the simple notion that there should be improved benchmarks for performance and creativity in the photography industry. My central goal is to transform your momentous event by picking it up, breaching the status quo, adding some quirky elements and presenting it to you in a pristine and beautiful form.

I am a photographer in Ahmedabad who follows an immensely honest approach in photography. I don’t strive to craft a story that doesn’t belong to you. Instead, I focus on documenting and highlighting the faultless romance that is already present illuminating itself in front of me. “Storytelling” is a term that gets thrown around quite a lot in our industry. But what I believe in and do is much more about exploring and curating a story of romance that is already there. We find those gracious flashes of beauty, love and connection and try my best to photograph it in the best possible manner.

A highly professional photographer in Ahmedabad, I specialize in an off-beat, fun and candid style of photography that assures memories from your special occasions that will last a lifetime. I feel immensely overwhelmed to be a part of the photographers today who have defined this genre and provide everything you wish for to make your occasion everlasting.

Being one of the best wedding photographers in Ahmedabad, my style of capturing your D day is little away from the usual. I love all kinds of weddings, may it be a regal fit fat destination wedding or a small intimate city affair.

Of course, I will take those customary wedding photographs, but in between I am also there to capture those unconscious trivial moments you share with your dear ones. I firmly believe that every couple is different and every wedding has its own essence and so I ensure that those tiny details never go unnoticed, considering you have put your heart into making the day yours.

I am always inspired by the honesty and love found in all kinds of admirable and compassionate couples and believe that the biggest adventure two people can share in their life in taking a path together in any form of intimacy.

With me behind the lens, you will only feel as though you have a longtime friend capturing the most treasurable day of your life. I will be never be a stranger at your wedding, but just another friend being a part of your celebrations.

Tathya Macwan

Keep your memories alive with Finest Photographer in Ahmedabad

Welcome to Mac Studios, one of the reputed photographers based out of Ahmedabad. While working in the most modest manner, we are much celebrated for our soothing rendition and unique photography style. We are committed to extending a level of expertise, professionalism and quality that will certainly exceed your expectations.

Our photography in Ahmedabad is a perfect blend of fine art, photojournalism and portraiture which is modern yet timeless. We work hard for our photographs to feel as beautiful and classic twenty years from now.

We endeavor to capture vibrant, non-traditional photographs that narrate a story and give a sense of atmosphere. Every shot that we capture is replete with soft emotions and profound deepness that you can cherish forever. Our photography in Ahmedabad is one-dimensional, natural, observant but most of all, it is real. We pride ourselves on creative storytelling together with some classic portraits that will indubitably blow your mind.

Offering both photography and videography services, we delve into our client’s personalities and then portray them in the most explicit manner through the photography style we use. We observe an art based storytelling take on photography which allows to generate all images in an extremely artistic form.

The beauty of CANDID is what inspires us…

Our photojournalistic approach assists us in focusing on the little but special details of your event. Every photograph is captured in the highest quality raw form and then improved digitally at our studio. When it comes to cutting-edge equipment and technology, we are always a step ahead of the pack.

We greatly value our much celebrated reputation in offering pleasant as well as professional services. A big majority of our clientele are referrals from our former satisfied customers.

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